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TuffStrip2 Coated 12v LED Strip

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A 12v coated LED strip lighting for indoor use. The IP65 coating is PU so that it remains flexible and durable with no yellowing or hardening over time. The maximum single run length is 7m and it can be cut every 50mm. Easy to install using our GRIPPA solder free connectors - just cut the strip, insert into the GRiIPPA and close with a pair of pliers and thats it - no soldering or mess! The TuffStrip2 range includes corner cables, link cables and mounting clips to create a reliable system quickly and easily. TuffStrip2 is available in 3 different single colour as well as RGB. The RGB version can be controlled using our BLUETOOTH module (part no CSC20-BT) which is plug and play and allows quick, simple and reliable control via the free smartphone app